Tuesday, November 29, 2011

let there be light! (and a new LAM website)

So, after 3 weeks of no electricity* after my house fire, it’s back! Which means a) I can be there after 5pm without feeling like I’m in a romantic candlelit restaurant and b) I have internet again! Though it was kind of fun at times, especially cooking Thanksgiving dinner by candlelight and playing Rummykub while we waited out a storm...

In other exciting news, LAM (Latin America Mission) has a new website (still found at http://www.lam.org/) and you can now set up your recurring monthly donations online! Many of you have mentioned that this would be very helpful, so if you are someone who was considering giving monthly but haven’t done so because the process was either too complicated and/or you just keep forgetting, just head over to riggott.lam.org and click on “support this missionary” at the bottom of the page. I’m still a bit underfunded each month, so if you’re able and willing to support my ministry in Mexico through a monthly donation, I would GREATLY APPRECIATE it!  Or, you can give a special gift online to help increase the balance in my ministry accounts (all gifts are tax-deductible).  So please check out the new website and/or giving options, and let me know what you think!

* Do you like the rhyming title? Thanks, so do I :)

** Which, by the way, was immediately FOLLOWING the 1 week of no running water and FOLLOWED by 2 days of no water. Just in case you were confused about the order of utility issues...

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